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Canadians and Income Tax in 2018

The Ideal Client

There are many options available to minimize tax liabilities in a timely and cost effective manor.


The program that we use with our clients is ideal for someone with income tax in excess of 200k individually or those looking to take money from a HoldCo. or OpCo. We cater to clients that are unwilling to assume any risk in their tax management decision.


Our solutions are in line with the income tax act and more than 2 billion tax managed dollars, 7 advance tax rulings, 13 years of successful unchallenged results.

What We Will Provide You

Once you provide us with an approximate income from 2018 (for example: 475k), we will then provide you an accurate expectation of potential tax savings based on the information provided in approximately 3 business days.


If this is of interest we will determine a time to meet with you and your tax professional to discuss the details and review the precedence of this plan and its effectiveness in a clear and transparent manor.

What We Do Not Provide

We are not an online financial services company, we will not send anyone we have not met the details of our recommendations.


Although it is unlikely you will be able to obtain this solution without our service; we will limit our time to clients that are willing to interact with us directly.


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